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  2. How to manage your shop
  3. How to price your products
  4. Seller dashboard
  5. Buyer dashboard
  6. What you need to know about buyer protection

Start your marketplace with a Modesthub multi-seller platform. Modest hub is an electronic mall that enables sellers to list their products for FREE.


You can also just go directly to signing up. its FREE

Why Choose Us

1. Complete Control to Admin 

The Admin gets full control over:

  • Vendors
  • Orders
  • Commissions
  • Products
2. Freedom to Vendors

Modest hub offers complete freedom and transparency to the vendors with easy registration and you start selling immediately.

3. Vast Product Options to Customers

Customers get access to a rich product catalogue and competitive pricing. This is from the presence of multiple vendors.

4. Seller-Self Registration

Registration is quick and easy allowing vendors to register with full details. A unique vendor account is created for every vendor by filling out details in a simple registration form. Complete requested details such as company, address, login, bank details etc all captured in one go.

5. Vendor Dashboard

Modest hub offers a Vendor’s dashboard that’s easy to understand inventory and order’s status. Vendors get a snapshot of the business on the dashboard which highlights:

  • Order summary
  • Sorting functionality
  • Sales report
  • Best selling products
  • Revenue details and much more
6. Admin Dashboard

Our platform gives a complete overview of everyday business on your admin panel. The Admin dashboard gives you fine details of every aspect of your business such as:

  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • Vendor performance
  • Best Selling products
7. Product Management 

Vendors can login and add, edit or upgrade products.

8. Discounts

Vendors can set up specific discounts to promote the bestselling products.

9. Order & Shipping Management

Vendors can manage their orders and ship their products without Modest Hub’s intervention. The interface has an easy view of orders with full details of the orders such as:

  • Open
  • Cancelled
  • Closed

Vendors can also generate and print invoice, ship order, mark shipped order, cancel order and much more.

10. Vendor Comparison

Customers can compare prices and filter products too. They can also analyze, rate and review vendor profiles based on different elements.