How to manage your shop

Understanding your Dashboard

Once you signup, your account will remain inactive until our admin vets and enabled you to sell. You will be met by a dashboard that looks like the below screenshot

  1. Below is the description of what each link does
  2. Dashboard- Enables you to view a brief about your shop on modest eg reports
  3. Products- Upload products, remove products, edit products etc etc
  4. Order- Manage all orders made on your shop, view all order
  5. Coupons- Create discount codes to share to your buyers
  6. Reports- See sales reports and other system reports
  7. Reviews- See all the reviews made on your products
  8. Withdraw- Currently inactive
  9. Settings- edit shop name/logo, etc
  10. Log out of your shop
  11. Edit your name, edit password etc
  12. Visit your shop
Adding products
Once your account has been vetted and enabled, you can now start selling. All your products will however also be vetted to ensure they meet our terms and conditions before being allowed on the frontend. All edited product will also need to be vetted

This is what you will see after having your account vetted

  1. Add product image
  2. Add more images by clicking on (+)
  3. Add price. See how to price
  4. Add discount is you need to. You can also schedule when the discount will run
  5. Select category
  6. Add tags. Tag is the brand name eg, samsung, LG
  7. Add description
  8. Create product
  9. wait for product to be vetted and enabled on front end

After adding product, more features will be presented to you on the product. Hover over the product and click on the product “Edit” tab to edit/ add more features. Hovering also presents you with other functionality like “Quick Edit”, “Duplicate” and ” Delete permanently”


  • When you click on edit product, the ( more)features presented to you are;
  • Inventory- Manage how many products are available
  • Description, Short description
  • SKU- Product number. Must be unique
  • Stock status- In stock or out of stock
  • Allow only one quantity of this product to be bought in a single order
  • Enable product stock management





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